Rules and Regulations

Yes, we want to see the new animals, babies, and renovated exhibits!  To schedule a tour call Bramble Park Zoo at 605-882-6269.

Bramble Park Zoo Fees and Admission Policies

We offer a no-charge policy for educators, bus drivers and one chaperone for every ten students. (This pertains only to prearranged educational tours conducted during normal hours). Additional chaperones would be the regular admission fee of $8.00 for 13 years and older, $6.00 for 3–12 years old and 2 and under are free.

  • Pre-registration is mandatory for any school or group that visits the Zoo.
  • One chaperone is required for every 10 students.
  • Students must be supervised at all times while at the zoo.
  • Please arrive early to start your tour or program at your scheduled time.
  • Your tour could be shortened or cancelled if you are late.
  • Educational programs such as Animal Encounters, guided tours and scavenger hunts are available at no additional charge; however they must be scheduled in advance.

The average time spent at the zoo is three hours, which can include a 30 to 50 minute presentation or tour. Please allow time to view the Discovery Center and Terry Redlin Environmental Center.


Join the Bramble Park Zoo Family Today!

For only $30.00 you can become the parent of a Wild Child at the Zoo. Sponsorship fees will be used towards maintaining comfortable living quarters, animal habitat improvements and providing care for an animal of your choice for one year . . . and we ain’t lion when we say donations to this program are 100% tax deductible. You can renew your membership each year or you can sign up for two years now at a discounted rate.

The benefits of animal sponsorship include:

  • Personalized name plaque displayed on the parents’ board located inside the Discovery Center
  • Animal fact sheet containing information about your wild child
  • Picture of the animal you sponsored
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Plush replica of your animal or a Bramble Park Zoo t-shirt
  • Your name in the quarterly LAZS newsletter, Animal Chatter
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day card from your wild child

Anyone can become a zoo parent: school groups, businesses, civic and service organizations, families and you!

Call the Bramble Park Zoo for more information or print the application off of this site!

Join Roots & Shoots!

“What can I do to change the world…what can I do to make a difference?”

As a member of Roots & Shoots, you can join over 35,000 other young people in over 96 different countries around the world. Roots & Shoots groups work together to create service projects that promote care and concern for the environment, animals, and human communities.

Teachers – As a Roots & Shoots Leader, you would have the opportunity to guide young people in taking action on issues they feel are important. All Roots & Shoots groups plan and participate in community service projects that address three areas: Care and Concern for the Environment, Care and Concern for Animals, and Care and Concern for the Human Community. Whether you are a classroom teacher, youth group leader, parent, or concerned adult, your leadership can help the mission of Roots & Shoots and the message of Dr. Jane Goodall spread throughout the world.

Roots & Shoots is brought to the Northern Great Plains Region through a partnership between the Bramble Park Zoo and the Jane Goodall Institute. Founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, it is a community-based environmental and humanitarian program for youth. Dr. Goodall sums up the philosophy of Roots & Shoots, “Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual can make a difference.” Roots & Shoots groups participate in various service-oriented events throughout the year. People who want to take positive action in making their community a better place can get involved by contacting the Roots & Shoots Office at 605-882-5274.