Possible Outreach Animals


1. Pancake tortoises reptile
2. Madagascar hissing cockroaches insect
3. Boa constrictor reptile
4. Leopard geckos reptile
5. Blue-tongued skink reptile
6. Black-tailed prairie dogs mammal
7. Himalayan rabbit mammal
8. Red-footed tortoise reptile
9. Ball pythons (3-4 ft) reptile
10. Mexican red kneed tarantula** arachnid
11. Kenyan sand boas (1-2 ft) reptile
12. Chilean rose-haired tarantula** arachnid
13. Bearded dragons reptile
14. Guinea pig mammal
15. Box turtles reptile
16. Yellow-naped Amazon parrot bird
17. Crested geckos reptile
18. White-crested cockatoo* bird
19. Chinchillas mammal
20. African hedgehog mammal
21. Tiger salamanders amphibian
22. Corn snakes (6-24”) reptile
23. Smooth soft shell turtle reptile
24. Leopard frogs amphibian
25. Netherland dwarf rabbit mammal
26. Red-eared sliders reptile
27. American alligators reptile
28. European ferret mammal
29. Southern 3-banded armadillo


Biofacts such as skulls, skins, feathers, eggs, horns, antlers, mounted animals, etc.
Hint: Number of animals chosen depends on length of program. For a 1-hour program the zoo educator usually shows 4-5 animals depending on the size of the group.
*Indicates animals that cannot be touched by the spectators
**Indicates animals that are not handled by the presenter or spectators. They are shown in a clear container or on a perch.