Possible Outreach Animals


1. Pancake tortoises reptile
2. Madagascar hissing cockroaches insect
3. Blue-tongued skink reptile
4. Black-tailed prairie dog* mammal
5. Ball pythons (3-4 ft) reptile
6. Kenyan sand boas (1-2 ft) reptile
7. Chilean rose-haired tarantula** arachnid
8. Bearded dragons reptile
9. Guinea pig mammal
10. Box turtles reptile
11. Yellow-naped Amazon parrot** bird
12. Crested geckos reptile
13. White-crested cockatoo* bird
14. Chinchillas mammal
15. African hedgehogs mammal
16. Tiger salamanders amphibian
17. Corn snakes (24-36”) reptile
18. Smooth soft shell turtle reptile
19. Leopard frogs amphibian
20. Netherland dwarf rabbit mammal
21. Red-eared sliders reptile
22. Southern 3-banded armadillos mammal
23. European ferrets mammal
24. Degus mammal
25. Colombian boa (12″) reptile
26. Western hognose snake reptile
27. Great Plains toad amphibian
28. Leopard geckos reptile


Biofacts such as skulls, skins, feathers, eggs, horns, antlers, mounted animals, etc.
Hint: Number of animals chosen depends on length of program. For a 1-hour program the zoo educator usually shows 5-6 animals depending on the size of the group.
*Indicates animals that cannot be touched by the spectators
**Indicates animals that are not handled by the presenter or spectators. They are shown in a clear container or on a perch.