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Animal Transaction News

Animal Acquisitions

1.0  Pygmy goat

1.0  Snow Leopard

0.1  Amur Tiger

0.1   Uromastyx


Animal Deaths

1.0  Spider monkey

1.1  Swift fox

0.0.1  Scarlet ibis

0.0.4  Ravens

1.0  Domestic ferret


Animal Births & Hatches


Animal Disposition

2.2          White-throated capuchin monkeys

0.1          Amur Tiger


Rehab Birds                                                     Status

Immature bald eagle                                       Shot – euthanized

Red-tail hawk                                                   Non-releasable

Great horned owl                                             Non-releasable

White Pelican                                                    Broken shoulder, non-releasable

Saw-whet owl                                                    Minor wing injury, released

Black billed Magpie                                          Imprinted – moving to another zoo

Northern flicker                                                Released

Kriders hawk                                                     Release pending

Kriders hawk                                                      Add to collection

Red-tail hawk                                                     Non-releasable

Great horned owl                                               Pending